WNYNET Statement in support of Mrs. Kristen Farrell

As Buffalo-Niagara’s professional network for secondary English teachers, The Western New York Network of English Teachers (WNYNET) fully supports Mrs. Kristen Farrell, an Orchard Park High School teacher, engaging in anti-racist teaching practices. Over the past few days, she has been met with publicized criticism demonizing the work she has been facilitating, spearheaded by Robby Dinero, a local gym owner.

Our organization supports work that encourages our youth to be critical thinkers and inquire about issues in the world. We also support the professional expertise of teachers to develop curriculum that draws on their knowledge of their students, their awareness of the ways context and community affect education, their discipline, and their learning goals to serve their students and empower them to grow as writers, readers, and thinkers. Kristen Farrell is a leading example of a thoughtful, courageous teacher engaging in high quality, research-based practices. Moreover, our stance is aligned with the National Council for the Teachers of English (NCTE), which states:

"As literacy educators, our aim is to help students and communities to imagine a better, more humane world and to take the steps to achieve it. As advocated by
NCTE’s Statement on Anti-Racism to Support Teaching and Learning, we must be active, both collectively and individually, in 'counteracting racism and other forms of bigotry in teaching materials, methods, and programs for the teaching and learning of English and the language arts.'"

Please consider signing and sharing this Google Form in support of Mrs. Kristen Farrell.


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WNYNET Position Statement

on Teaching English for Social Justice

​The Western New York Network of English Teachers (WNYNET) is committed to English teaching that focuses on social justice for all individuals. We especially understand the importance of such teaching to those among us who are oppressed, underrepresented, unvoiced, unseen. More so than any other classroom, the English Language Arts classroom provides a unique and safe space for students to explore critical, careful, dialogic inquiry into our world.​

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