Buffalo Reading Invasion

From their Facebook page:

"The Invasion is a celebration of our city's love of reading, our beautiful

public spaces, and our spirit of community and gathering. The idea is

simple: People bring something to read and "invade" a large public space.

This isn't a book club; just a time to come together, to enjoy the act of

reading, and to remind our fellow Buffalonians that reading is an essential

element of the many of our lives.

So bring a book and bring a friend, and join us for an hour of reading,

relaxing, and gathering in our most beautiful public spaces."

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Celebrated teacher and author Cris Tovani, (http://tovanigroup.com/), was the featured speaker for the Fall 2015 Western New York Network of English Teachers speaker series at Buffalo State College. 
Cris presented on providing students with meaningful feedback, workshop models, student engagement and other effective teaching practices. Over 60 teachers from across the region attended.

Winter 2018: Conference on English 12

2015 Fall Speaker Series: Cris Tovani

Speaker Series: Julie and David Gorlewski

The DWW is cosponsored by the Buffalo State English Education program and provides opportunities for pre-service teacher to work with young people from Buffalo's West Side in a after school writing workshop. Buffalo State students co-plan lessons and units that help young people write about their lives and develop that writing into audio and video projects they can share with the world. To find out more about the program and experience some of the projects visit the DWW on Facebook.



and speaker series


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2016 Winter Conference: Digital Bootcamp

Summer 2018: Middle School Matters

Digital Writing Workshop

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The Western New York Network of English Teachers sponsors a series of ongoing professional development opportunities

                                                    designed to encourage and support the meaningful teaching of English language arts in the

                                                    Buffalo-Niagara region. Adopting a sociocultural model of professional development, WNYNET

                                                    seeks to professionalize secondary English teachers by sponsoring seasonal conferences and ongoing                                                     speakers series, where teachers are invited to present and share their expertise with their peers. Guest speakers from across the country are also invited to present during each academic year. Through our Youth Voices Speakers Series, English teachers and their students are invited to the Buffalo State campus each spring to present the work they have conducted in their English classrooms. Our distinguished English Teacher Awards recognize excellence in English teaching at all stages teachers’ professional careers.  Scroll down to learn about our ongoing program initiatives and events.

2016 Fall Conference: Queering Literacy

Why investigate social justice issues in the English classroom? How can we incorporate social justice issues into the teaching of English in grades 7-12? How can inquiries into meaningful issues be incorporated into existing English curricula? How can a social justice stance on English teaching help our students become better readers, writers, and critical thinkers? How does this type of teaching address and exceed the standards? What role can literature and other forms of writing play in such a classroom? How do teachers who teach from a social justice stance plan instructional units and lessons? What problems do they encounter and how do they over come them?  What sample lessons and units are available that showcase this kind of teaching? What powerful texts are teachers using in their classrooms? What are they asking their students to do? How have traditional research projects been redesigned to work in such classrooms? What does student work like?Type your paragraph here.

The editors of the National Council of Teachers of English's English Journal, Julie and David Gorlewski, were the featured speakers for the Fall 2014 WNYNET Speaker Series.

Their talk explored how changes in text, media, and education policy influence the daily lives of students and teachers - and, more importantly, how teachers and students can be active participants in processes of change.

2016 Summer Conference: Rethinking Shakespeare 

Past Events:

2017 Summer Conference: English that Empowers: Engaging with Social Justice Issues in the Classroom